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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
I am a lost artist from the long ago times when earth wore the clothes of a young girl..I am a poet who can not write and a blind seer who lives on the edge of dreams..I have visited the other side of things and drank from the big dipper and I have stolen time from the big clock..I may be the last of the human wolves or a simple sparkle on the waters of time...I have been a modern warrior but today I am just another old fool out on the land listening to the earth breathe and watching the wild flowers drinking rain...I am a mixed blood born with an Indian spirit..I have felt brother wind and listened to his touch.. I have heard the spirits of the tree children and noted their chatter with the red willows and I have cried as a real man would when they told me that earth is dying....

Art Call

Please send "Mail Art" re- is the great mail artist David Zack really in the spirit world… all works will be posted at This project is on going,no fee,no jury,no returns and the theme is “Zack Sightings“....if u know some one who looks like Zack then send me a pic,create a pic,become a pic etc etc…some have said that Zack was a shape-shifter and may still walk among us not in human form but as an animal or bird..send mail to Zack Sightings c/o Medwolf~RR 7,Site 715,Comp 62,Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada S7K 1N2 …I will send something back..

The David Zack Show

The David Zack Show opened at The New Gallery (TNG) in Calgary,Alberta,Canada october 10/ 2008,it is a retrospective / commemorative installation of zack's work mostly focusing on the 70's and 80's,the show is based on Istvan Kantor`s archival collection extended with contributions from many other artists,he is still collecting material…a book/catalog will be published after the TNG show therefore it will include details of the installation together with essays and additional information and visuals……

Monday, July 12, 2010

From~Bobbi Mastrangelo

Bobbi Mastrangelo 747 Coronado Dr. Poinciana,FL USA 34759-3293

Zack Sighting~USA

From~MaraThompson 734 Cedar Street, Apt A
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Tic Tac Project

PC {TicTac} Postfach 1140,82319 Starnberg Germany

From~Lorraine Kwan

Lorraine Kwan #202,3580 West 41st Ave.Vancouver,BC Canada V6N 3E6

From~Theo Nelson

Theo Nelson 2611 Charlebois Drive NW Calgary Alberta Canada T2L 0TS

Zack Sighting~Canada

Snappy,Studio J-1324 Braod St.Victoria,BC Canada V8W 2A9

From~David Berube

David Berube,462 West 52nd Street #3n New York,NY 10019

More From Jokie

From~Jokie Wilson 620 Eddy St.Apt.24 San Francisco,CA USA 94109

From~Igor Bartolech

Igor Bartolech,Brace Krkljusa 13 2/10 21000 Novi Sad Vojvodina,Serbia

Sunday, July 11, 2010

From~Paula D Lietz

Paula D Lietz,P.O.Box 186,Newdale,Manitoba Canada R0J IJ0

Zack Sighting~Arizona,USA

Sharon Kennick,3217 N.Dyer St.Flagstaff,AZ USA 86004

Friday, July 9, 2010

From ~ Lynette Killam

Lynette Killam,6678-133B Street,Surrey,BC Canada V3W 7E9

Zack Sighting~Sweden

Marianne Laimer Molin,Viklau Sigsarve IGH 10 622 38 Romakloster Gotland Sweden

Zack Sighting~USA

Felicity,P.O.Box 380475,Cambridge,MA USA 02238

Zack Sighting~Italy

Dr.Brignone,V.E.Filiberto,16 12100 Cuneo Italy